About Us

A registered charity in Ontario, pilule Canada, vcialis 40mg Branches of the Word is a Catholic lay organization dedicated to bringing the Catholic faith to those who have grown luke-warm, unhealthy to those who have strayed away and to those seeking to learn about the beauty of the Church’s teachings.  We seek to bring the Gospel message as proclaimed through the magisterium of the Church in ways that are relevant and meaningful so that those we encounter may tangibly grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith.  The programs we facilitate, the spiritual events we host and the Youth Ministry we support are all aimed at re-catechizing Catholics, young and old,in order that there may be a wave of regenerated disciples for Christ’s Church in the new millennium.  Our team humbly and seriously embraces the words of His Holiness, Pope Francis, that we must be bold and creative agents of evangelization in our goals, structure, style and methods of communicating the joy we have received from the Gospel.

  • BOTW ... Equipping Catholics to Share the Truth