The owner of a very famous coffee retail franchise was quoted as saying “it’s not about the coffee” which may seem odd to hear at first.  Obviously, there the main product being sold in this franchise was coffee but he was claiming that the business had to do with much more than that!  In a similar way, store although you may have landed on the ‘BOTW Events’ page, we would like to borrow the same phrase but alter it slightly to exclaim…”it’s not about the event”!  It’s about the experience!

An event with great speakers has its benefits…an attendee can leave feeling more knowledgeable, more motivated and maybe even more spiritual.  For BOTW, our events are planned around “themes” that speak to modern day questions, struggles and concerns and how the Church and her sacraments are relevant vessels to dealing with everyday problems.  Our goal is not to have our attendees simply hear great speakers at an event… but that something spiritually moving and tangible has been experienced.  At our larger events this would occur through the culmination of the speaker’s messages, the celebration of Holy Hour presented in a meditatively stirring way, the beautiful celebration of the Eucharist, the availability of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and through the personal encounter and witness of like-minded believers.  Unless we experience events through our hearts and not just our minds, authentic conversion is not possible.  For this reason, it is the commitment of our BOTW team to bring grace-filled experiences to our communities for the re-conversion of hearts!

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